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Holt McDougal Releases Redesigned One Stop Planner: Teacher One Stop

Posted Jan 24, 2008
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Holt McDougal ( - formerly Holt, Rinehart and Winston and McDougal Littel) has released a redesigned and multi-functional Teacher One Stop that promises to save teachers time when planning their lessons, according to the announcement. The Teacher One Stop is a new product similar to Holt’s One Stop Planner (OSP) that was originally launched in 2002. The One Stop Planner became an industry standard for the supplementary and teacher resources that accompany classroom textbooks. In its earlier version, the One Stop Planner gave teachers all the materials they needed on one CD to complement their curriculum.


The new Teacher One Stop, containing documents, tools, and multimedia, comes on a DVD. It builds on the OSP strengths and adds numerous technologies, search capabilities, and new resources.


Teacher One Stops include the ability to edit, adapt, search, and expand the collection of Holt resources that come with a particular curriculum. This includes the ability for teachers to add their own resources or save the adaptations they make to existing materials where they are stored in a “My Resources” folder. This is helpful for differentiated instruction and customized learning plans. Teachers can also alter resource descriptions, adding new state standards or notes to make it easier to locate specific resources in the future.


Teacher One Stops will be available for every Holt program starting with Holt Elements of Literature and Holt Elements of Language in March, 2008. The Teacher One Stop is the companion product to the soon-to-be-released, ThinkCentral, which will be launched in February. These complementary products allow teachers to pick the format that is more convenient for them to use when locating and editing supplementary resources: either on the DVD with the Teacher One Stop or through a web-based destination with ThinkCentral.


Holt McDougal is a division of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.


Source: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

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