Predictions About Virtual Reality Gaming

The gaming community has been pumped up about virtual reality gaming for quite some time now. Almost every gamer thinks that virtual reality will change the whole experience and will alter the way people play their games. A few virtual reality headsets have already been launched, while some are still on the production lines. From […]

Virtual Reality and Future

What is Virtual Reality? The technology that utilizes realistic images and other such sensations that have been generated via software is called Virtual Reality. The purpose behind the usage of realistic images is creatingan environment which is close to reality. Application of Virtual Reality: The application of virtual reality can be done in several areas. […]

Virtual Reality and 2016

The technology of virtual reality is awesome and there is no doubt that it has grown very fast throughout the years. However the year 2016 stand out in this regard as for the first time in the history of virtual reality, customers will be able to purchase certain headsets through which they can enjoy virtual […]

Things You Should Know About Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is something that got a lot of attention from the audience as soon as it was announced. This is mainly because these headsets promise something that is new and was not seem by the world before. It allows the user to go to the bottom of the ocean or climb tall mountains all […]

PC: 2019

Since man has come to this world he has been developing very fast and the field in which he has really shown development at its absolute zenith is the technology. Today in the 21st century we are living among the most cutting edge technologies whether it is our iPhones or modern day medical equipment.   […]