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Exciting PC Technologies of The Future
The Future Of Computing

Future computing visions

The computer technology has enhanced pretty rapidly and nowadays we have the iPhones and Ipads through which we have our entire computer on the palm of our hands. Computing has become the part and parcel of our daily lives. The modern day organizations cannot think about surviving without enhancement in computing technologies. Rather than making predictions about what kind of computing technology may come in future, we have decided to share with our readers some of latest visions for computing which the tech companies will be launching very soon. Most of the discussed visions are a reality however some of these may take time to become a reality/tangible.

Future computing visions:

Some of the future computing visions that can rock the world any time after their release are as follows


  • Virtual reality:Though Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard can be termed as basic headsets as far as virtual reality is concerned however both these models are very much limited in various aspects. The issue with both these headsets are that they both run on softwares which are nothing more than mobile applications and they both rely on smartphones as far as doubling of the VR display is concerned. On March 2016 the Oculus Rift was launched which has already shown the users what virtual reality is really all about. Nobody should get surprised if more such innovations get surfaced in the future.
  • Reality (Augmented):The augmented reality is very much different as compared to virtual reality as the former only develops a digital overlay on the world (physical) however the latter gives you an experience which is 100% digital. The company which has gained a lot of reputation in augmented reality is Microsoft. The company will produce Microsoft HoloLens through which you will fight demons and zombies that will be coming from the back of your own couch. The device will be a great help for the medical students as well because through it they will be able to see the 3D version of their patient’s heart in their own classroom.


  • Wireless Future (Intel): Intel plans to decrease the wiring which is always irritating for us when we are working on our personal computers. The new wireless technologies will be produced by Intel pretty soon. The company is also trying to develop some kind of a methodology through which laptops can be charged without any wires. The company plans to produce a pad that can provide power worth 20 watts. The device canbe a real help for sure.

Some of these technologies will be produced in the year 2016 as well. The list of coming technologies is huge hence we could not list all of them here. However we believe that the article will be appreciated by our readers and will serve as a source of knowledge enhancement for the general masses. If you want to know more about such technology innovations then you can surely find a lot of information on the internet as well.

Hi there! Ever wondered how latest technology is affecting us? In good ways and bad ways but it surely is making us more and more advanced with the availability of features that were once just a dream with no hopes of reality. Who could have imagined in past that there will be a mechanism to contact someone oversees with just a click or tap?

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