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Virtual Reality and Future

Predictions About Virtual Reality Gaming

The gaming community has been pumped up about virtual reality gaming for quite some time now. Almost every gamer thinks that virtual reality will change the whole experience and will alter the way people play their games. A few virtual reality headsets have already been launched, while some are still on the production lines. From what we have seen up till now, virtual reality gaming seems to be promising but it still needs quite a few games as the variety is very limited. One thing that has the gaming community worried is that pricing of the virtual reality headsets as none of them seem to be lower than $400 while Oculus Rift is priced at $600. However, the people who can afford these headsets have high hopes for the technology and here you will find some predictions about virtual reality gaming.


Price Point

As mentioned earlier the pricing of virtual reality headsets is really something to worry about. Headsets like the Oculus Rift which have been released are priced at $600 while others like Playstation VR are priced at around $400. When the Xbox One was released people were very disappointed at its pricing as it was $500 and it was a whole console, while virtual reality headsets are only a component. What this means is that a virtual reality headset like the Oculus Rift is not an independent console, it needs another $400-$500 console or PC to operate which makes the whole setup quite expensive.


All Games Do Not Need VR

There are some games that you like to play the way they are and not experiment with them. This is because the experience would be different as well as difficult. Controlling a character in third-person view in a digital surrounding is not easy that is why you will not see many games that are VR compatible.

Short Playing Ours

People who have reviewed virtual reality headsets have complained that playing games for a long time while wearing the headset is going to be difficult. An average gamer who likes to spend 30+ hours on games will not be able to do so, on VR as quick movements will make the player dizzy. If this is really the case with virtual reality gaming then it will lose its popularity real quick.

Virtual Reality Will Be Better Outside Of The Home


According to the rumors that we have heard so far, virtual reality gaming at home will not be as exciting. However, it will be popular outside the homes as many arcades have announced that they will be introducing VR. Some companies like Starbreeze Studios also announced that they will introduce an arcade in Los Angeles that is entirely VR and will use StarVR headsets.


These were a few predictions that are being made by the gaming community worldwide and it seems some of them might make some sense. Virtual reality is popular at the moment but only time will tell whether it is appropriate for home gamers or not.

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