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Virtual Reality and Future

Things You Should Know About Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is something that got a lot of attention from the audience as soon as it was announced. This is mainly because these headsets promise something that is new and was not seem by the world before. It allows the user to go to the bottom of the ocean or climb tall mountains all in the comfort of a chair. However, it is still in its early days and requires a lot more work before it can become common, this is because there are many unanswered questions and many things to be worked on. Previously a few VR devices were launched but were major flops and we are hoping that the same thing does not happen with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Here you will find some things that you should know about virtual reality before you go on a buy it.

Virtual Reality Will Remain Physical For A Few Years


Virtual reality headsets like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift come with controllers, for both the products the player has to use two controllers for each hand that are fitted with various sensors. When you are playing a game with these controllers, it might seem that you are moving your hands to interact with the game but in reality the controller is doing everything. According to rumors physical controllers will remain a part of virtual reality, but it is also predicted that after some time it will lose the controllers and the person will have to interact with the game himself.

Wireless VR

As good as it sounds, wireless virtual reality is a thing of the future as for now we are stuck with cables. There are some virtual reality headsets like Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR that are light, portable and wireless but they are limited in terms of usability as you cannot play VR games on it. However, headsets like the Vive and the Rift require cables to be attached with a PC in order to give a more immersive experience. Although, VR is still in its initial stages, people want wireless headsets because the wires become a hindrance when you are playing a game, especially because you are unable to see it.

It Is An Industry-Wide Effort


Oculus Rift was the first modern virtual reality headset, but it does not mean that it is the best. The Rift still does not have many things which are present in the HTC Vive. Virtual reality is without any doubt a great concept but it requires an industry wide effort to succeed.

These were a few things that you should know about virtual reality. It is something that we only saw in movies and never thought that it would become a reality. However, virtual reality is now here and is getting a great reception. The headsets that we are seeing now are the first generation headsets, therefore if we really want to see its full potential then we will certainly have to wait for the second generation virtual reality headsets.

Hi there! Ever wondered how latest technology is affecting us? In good ways and bad ways but it surely is making us more and more advanced with the availability of features that were once just a dream with no hopes of reality. Who could have imagined in past that there will be a mechanism to contact someone oversees with just a click or tap?

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