Why We Built It

Hi there! Ever wondered how latest technology is affecting us? In good ways and bad ways but it surely is making us more and more advanced with the availability of features that were once just a dream with no hopes of reality. Who could have imagined in past that there will be a mechanism to contact someone oversees with just a click or tap? It was then a fantasy and now a reality and this is how technology has changed our lives. It was just a single example and there are many more advancements that have brought revolution in our lives. For example, if we further add to the previous quoted example; we can simultaneously chat with a lot of people through our messenger apps, we can side by side carry out a video call with a friend on Skype and even more.


The point here is that, we no longer have any appraisal for these advancements because we are too used too of these now. The upcoming ones are actually the ones that inspire people. The insights to what can come in near future and to the things those are under development at the present stage. Again think about 3D movies that are getting more of a trend nowadays; we buy cinema tickets for 3D movies and wear of 3D glasses and Oh My! We feel that we are actually present in the movie and everything is taking place in front of us. I just love the feeling; first I am watching the movie, entertainment of that, second I am watching a 3D one and it really is an amazing thing. I wonder if I can watch the next movie in Mission Impossible franchise in a 3D version or if the same can happen for Fast and Furious 8. Anyways, if we consider this for Virtual Reality – VR then the whole thing is taken to a different level. For the present year, we have welcomed more advanced headsets, a lot more variety in games, better camera options and most importantly taking the VR out of the living room – making it available for outdoors. Somehow, Pokémon Go is glimpse of the concept.

This site is dedicated for the upcoming technologies and reality based developments that will revolutionize our upcoming generation. But most importantly, my primary focus will be the internet, PC and television. The inception of new ideas and the developments taking place on their grounds. How the 3D initialization attracted the people and how just the commencement of Virtual Realities inspired the people? What are going to be further advancements and expansions for these two? What will happen if blockchain and containerization can go to the limits as they are expected in coming years? And specially internet of things is a whole new concept and this literally will be track changing scenario. Similarly, artificial intelligence, microservices, adaptive security, augmented and virtual reality, cloud computing, smart personal assistants, wearables and the list is way long; all about them, and their importance and the level they can top and so on. If you are into technology to even a small percentage, you are going to love here so just stay updated.