College Students Turn To Sexbook To Get Laid With Remote Classes

With college students mostly attending class online these days, gone are the days when they can easily meet someone to get laid in class. A newer hookup site called Sexbook has been rapidly growing in popularity. They claim to be the Facebook of casual sex. How is Sexbook changing the lives of college students everywhere? We’ll explore how in this article.

The idea behind Sexbook is fairly straightforward. It’s the perfect opportunity for those who want to have some sex but are looking to do it discreetly. Sexbook is a website where you can post a picture of yourself, get a few matches and then set up a meet up with your prospective partner.

The site claims to be a discreet and private place to meet other like-minded people looking for sex, fun, casual dates and the like. Sexbook offers both free and premium memberships.

Sexbook’s free option allows you to send messages to matches, view their profiles, and set up dates with them. The app can send the profile of the person you’re messaging as well. Sexbook also has an advanced search option which allows you to set a location as well as age and even gender preferences.

The site claims to have over a million registered users and is growing rapidly. The user interface of the site is simple and easy to use.

How Sexbook Works

The whole idea behind Sexbook is to set up a free profile where you can find a match and then meet up to have sex, have fun, or do whatever you’d like to do.

You can either be a free member or a premium member with the paid option giving you additional features like the ability to receive special discounts as well as VIP members only features like a VIP only chat section.

Sexbook makes it easy to communicate with other members. You can send messages to the person you want to meet up with. These messages appear as little bubbles above the members’ profile pictures so you can easily tell who you’re messaging.

The site also offers a chat feature so that you can get to know the other person before you meet up for sex. You can even meet the person on the site and then go to their hotel or house for the real meet up.

How Many People Use Sexbook?

Sexbook is the number one hookup site for college students, according to the company’s own data. In addition to that, Sexbook claims to have “millions of active users” every day.

You don’t have to register or have an email address to use Sexbook. As soon as you find someone you like, you can just click on the profile and start chatting. If you have any questions about the person, you can click on their profile picture to read more about them.

How Do You Register?

To create a profile on Sexbook, you simply have to visit the site and click on the “create a profile” tab. You’re given a form to fill out with the name, location, age, gender, picture, and description of yourself.

After you’ve completed the form, you can upload a picture of yourself. This is the only step that requires an email address. Sexbook is not going to send you any marketing emails and you can opt out of the system at any time.

Why is Sexbook Becoming So Popular With College Students?

As mentioned earlier, the whole idea behind Sexbook is to be a discreet hookup site. It’s a great alternative to sites like Tinder that are very public and can get you into a lot of trouble.

Another thing that makes Sexbook popular is that the site’s users are mostly college students. If you’re going to be at a college, you’re probably going to be looking to hook up with someone as well.

Is Sexbook Worth Your Time?

Sexbook may look like just another dating site, but it’s a whole lot more than that. To begin with, the site offers a free profile option which allows you to set up your own profile. It also has a search feature that allows you to set up your location preferences and set an age limit. There’s also a messaging feature and you can choose to include your current location as well. The site allows you to set up a date as soon as you like a profile and start chatting.