Inspiration Software Launches Webspiration Classroom

Inspiration Software, Inc., has launched Webspiration Classroom, the online writing, visual thinking, and collaboration tool for students and teachers.

Webspiration Classroom combines the power of visual thinking with innovative collaboration tools, offering students and teachers 24/7 access to an online environment where they can work independently, with their peers, and in groups, to develop and strengthen their writing and thinking skills.

With Webspiration Classroom, students use visual thinking and outlining techniques to build writing skills and analyze, synthesize and comprehend information.

With 24/7 access, students can apply proven learning methods such as webbing, concept mapping, and graphic organizers at school, at home, or anywhere they have access to the internet, extending their learning time to develop their thinking and writing skills.

With Webspiration Classroom’s collaboration tools, students work with their classmates and teachers to develop essays, papers, and reports, gaining deeper knowledge and a stronger understanding of the concepts they are learning.

Students actively engage in learning as they collaborate on group projects, share documents for peer review and receive guidance from teachers throughout the entire learning process.

Webspiration Classroom incorporates everyone’s contributions and feedback in one document, keeping the process organized as students produce and publish their work.

All Webspiration Classroom documents are automatically saved and backed up in the cloud, giving students and teachers 24/7 access to an engaging, safe and reliable online environment for learning, sharing and collaboration.

Students can sign in from home, the library, the coffee shop – anywhere they have internet access – to develop their projects and invite their classmates and teachers to review their work, as well as to provide their own feedback on other students’ projects.

Assignments can be delivered, revised, evaluated, and returned online, keeping work accessible and organized. This streamlined work process between teachers and students increases the instructional time and keeps the focus on learning.

Webspiration Classroom is available in one-, two- and three-year subscriptions in packages designed for both classrooms and individual educators.

Every Webspiration Classroom subscription includes unlimited documents, unlimited collaboration and anytime, anywhere access.

Account subscriptions include access to online support materials, including lesson plans, examples, a Quick Start Guide, a Help Center and implementation tools, which allow students and teachers to take full advantage of Webspiration Classroom’s capabilities.

One-year Classroom Subscriptions start at $110 for a 10-pack, $300 for a 30-pack, and $360 for a 40-pack. Larger purchase options and school-wide subscriptions are available by contacting Inspiration Software at

Individual educator subscriptions are $39 for one year, $75 for two years and $110 for three years. A free 30-day trial subscription to Webspiration Classroom is available at