Pearson Launches Pearson Common Core Website


Pearson has announced the debut of Pearson Common Core, a website that offers complete and cohesive support to implement the new Common Core State Standards and provide the easiest possible transition, according to its announcement.

The website, at, is intended to help the 40 states (plus the Virgin Islands and District of Columbia) that are gearing up for the transition to the new Common Core State Standards, providing access to a comprehensive set of resources to facilitate the changeover to the new standards. 

Pearson has developed an array of integrated solutions that include Aligned curriculum and iPad-ready eTexts, Assessment, Data Management, Teacher Professional Development, and Overall School Improvement.

Pearson’s support will provide solutions including:

  • Teacher training – Strategic planning with districts to evaluate needs and develop customized programs. Available now to prepare for the transition are face-to-face and online workshops with video training modules that address specific implications in the standards for how to approach subject area content and the teaching of skills and strategies related to: Math and English Language Arts, assessment of learning, special populations, and practices/behaviors that students will need to demonstrate to show that they can apply their knowledge.
  • Instruction – Newly-developed common core curriculum programs, including performance assessments; enhancements to Pearson’s existing instructional materials for college and career-readiness and alignment with the new standards which will be available at no charge; digital and virtual courses, as well as a concentrated focus on mobile learning with new iPad-ready eTexts for grades 6-12.
  • Assessment – Formative assessment to monitor student performance and progress throughout the school year, providing critical information on how, when, and where to target remediation and instruction throughout the transition. With this data, educators gain a complete picture of student achievement and personalize the learning experience to increase positive student outcomes.
  • Data Management/Systems – Integrating technology systems for student performance data management to provide classroom and longitudinal data. Systems connect all entities, providing information and tools to make meaningful comparisons and seamless transitions that take students from early childhood to college and workplace readiness.
  • School Improvement – Solutions offered through Pearson’s America’s Choice, offering a combination of professional development, technical assistance, and high-quality materials.