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Breaking News

Free Touch Curriculum Technology Deepens Learning in MobyMax's Cognitive Skills Science Curriculum

News/Breaking News - Posted 18 Aug 2015

Follett Unveils Lightbox — Interactive Multimedia Springboard for PreK-12 Learning

News/Breaking News - Posted 13 Aug 2015 Announces New Resources For Educators

News/Breaking News - Posted 12 Aug 2015

myON Launches Redesigned myON Version 3.0

News/Breaking News - Posted 10 Aug 2015

New Interest Discovery Tool from NextLesson Brings the Real World into the Classroom

News/Breaking News - Posted 05 Aug 2015

Skyward Partners with Certica to Launch Formative Assessment Solution

News/Breaking News - Posted 04 Aug 2015

Discovery Education Announces New Services for STEM Teaching and Learning

News/Breaking News - Posted 04 Aug 2015

Think Through Math Integrates Quantile Benchmark Assessments That Measure Students’ Learning Growth

News/Breaking News - Posted 03 Aug 2015

Gale Collaborates with Google to Channel Content and Technology Directly into Student Workflow and Classroom Learning

News/Breaking News - Posted 27 Jul 2015

SunGard K-12 Education Releases eSchoolPLUS 4.0 Student Information System

News/Breaking News - Posted 22 Jul 2015

McGraw-Hill Education Launches New SRA Open Court Reading, SRA FLEX Literacy

News/Breaking News - Posted 21 Jul 2015

Promethean Introduces New Blended Learning Features in ClassFlow

News/Breaking News - Posted 16 Jul 2015



TOOLS FOR LEARNING: Tools and Tactics to Measure Students’ Mastery of the Common Core Standards

Like them or not, after years of development and adoption, 2014-15 marks implementation year for CCSS. In the assessment realm, there are innovative solution providers out there, many with die-hard educators among their ranks, that have toiled tirelessly toward authentically improving learning and assessment for students and teachers. Victor walks us through a range of them.
Posted 01 May 2015
- May/Jun 2015 Issue By

TOOLS FOR LEARNING: The Bring-Your-Own Dilemma

Student devices are enjoying widespread use in classrooms. The usage question is no longer about "how much," but about "how well." Victor's got some stats, plus views and advice from a range of educators.
Posted 01 Mar 2015
- Mar/Apr 2015 Issue By

Grazing, Looping, and Skimming: Understanding Students’ Digital Habits

The digital and research habits that students learn online-in and out of school-influence their expectations for the resources they use in the course of their research. EBSCO user experience researcher Deirdre Costello and her team have delved into those habits and lay out their findings—and how they can help you as a librarian—here.
Posted 01 Jan 2015
- Jan/Feb 2015 Issue By

TOOLS FOR LEARNING: Search, Research, and Discovery, in Life and in Learning

For you, for your colleagues, for your students, or for your own pursuits—and in celebration of research—Victor provides a variety of useful tools for learning in the areas of search, research, and discovery for life and learning.
Posted 14 Nov 2014
- Nov/Dec 2014 Issue By



THE PIPELINE: Next Up--Beacons!

This month Stephen writes about some technology that is just entering the pipeline and has the potential to change everything … yes, again ... in libraries, in schools, in retail, and in every community engagement space.
Column/The Pipeline
Posted 01 May 2015
- May/Jun 2015 Issue By

IDEA WATCH: Wear to Learn!?! Wearable Technology—Promises and Problems

From the Apple Watch to Fitbits to tech jewelry, the wearable technology market is beginning to take off. Other than geeking out at what will be possible with wearables like some futuristic fantasy out of a sci-fi movie, how does this apply to schools?
Column/Idea Watch
Posted 01 May 2015
- May/Jun 2015 Issue By

EDITOR'S NOTES: The Common Core State Standards … Again

Column/Editor’s Notes
Posted 01 May 2015
- May/Jun 2015 Issue By

BELLTONES: Embrace Your Inner Doodler. Join the Sketchnoting Revolution!

Still smarting from a scolding in first grade for doodling on her paper in class, Mary Ann is gratified that educators have finally seen the light … and the learning value … in doodling, or, let's call it "sketchnoting."
Posted 01 Mar 2015
- Mar/Apr 2015 Issue By

THE NEW MEDIA CENTER: Making Learning Interactive

Always promoting primary sources, Mary Alice looks this time at the Library of Congress's six new interactive ebook primary source sets and finds them enticing and full of intriguing, useful tools.
Column/The New Media Center
Posted 01 Mar 2015
- Mar/Apr 2015 Issue By

EDITOR'S NOTES: BYOD Revisited–Who's Using What Device, Why, and How?

Column/Editor’s Notes
Posted 01 Mar 2015
- Mar/Apr 2015 Issue By

CyberBee’s Web Pick
For August 15, 2015: With the start of the new school year, teachers should consider educating their students about bullying in all of its forms. The Bullying Awareness Guidebook is an excellent resource on the topic.

Acuity CCR Online Assessments



Teacher Dashboard




New Science Techbook from Discovery Education Built to Next-Generation Science Standards

Discovery Education has announced its new Discovery Education Science Techbook aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) is now available for classroom use. Designed specifically to help teachers transition to the NGSS framework, Discovery Education's latest Techbook joins the company's award-winning line of digital textbooks.
Posted 08 Jul 2015

MindPlay Universal Screener Uses Adaptive Technology to Assess Students’ Reading Skills and Prescribes Interventions

The program instantly analyzes K-12 students' performance in reading to help teachers provide the right instruction to achieve improvement and measure progress.
Posted 01 Jul 2015

McGraw-Hill Education Launches New SRA Open Court Reading, SRA FLEX Literacy

The company has announced the expansion of two key language arts and reading programs with significantly upgraded editions of SRA Open Court Reading and SRA FLEX Literacy, to enhance the school curriculum for K-12 reading and language arts.
Posted 21 Jul 2015

Promethean Introduces New Blended Learning Features in ClassFlow

ClassFlow is a comprehensive instructional delivery system designed to increase the depth of student engagement by providing interactive and collaborative use of classroom devices, digital curriculum and assessments for learning.
Posted 16 Jul 2015 Updates Digital Literacy Solutions for Upcoming School Year

Enhancements to EasyTech and 21st Century Skills Assessment help students develop critical digital literacy skills.
Posted 10 Jul 2015
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